Sanpuku Nori | koumiboshi nori
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koumiboshi nori

Koumiboshi Nori

Koumiboshi Package crop

Sanpuku Nori’s koumiboshi nori is an elegant nori product found nowhere else. To make koumiboshi nori, whole nori thalli are cleaned and kiln dried, then toasted to bring out a deep green chlorophyll-intense color and roasted aromas. Whereas traditional sheets of nori are made from minced nori fronds, koumiboshi nori preserves the whole nori in tact. Consuming the whole, uncompromised plant structure is the only way to experience the original and complete taste and aroma of roasted pure nori.


Koumiboshi has a wonderful flaky crunch that adds texture, flavor and aroma to a variety of dishes. A spinkling of koumiboshi nori is the perfect way to finish a dish, adding a final layer of subtle umami. When mixed with olive oil, koumiboshi nori maintains the integrity of its crunchy bite. Try it sprinkled on eggs, fresh tofu, a pasta carbonara, salads, and just about anything else.