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our store


Built in 2001, our retail storefront is located in Saga City, just paces away from the Ariake Sea where our nori is grown. We supply the finest nori to restaurants, ryokans, and gourmets throughout Japan. With a trained palate and firm understanding of the qualities of nori, our founder Tsunehiro Kawahara can recommend the right product for your needs. Please contact us with an inquiry.


our founder


Sanpuku Nori’s founder, Tsunehiro Kawahara, is a sommelier of the sea. He has been tasting nori professionally for over 30 years. A native of Saga and second-generation nori distributor, he has established strong relationships with industry professionals and the most knowledgable aquafarmers of the Ariake Sea. Kawahara can confidently vouch for the origins of his products and promises to deliver the best quality product available each year.

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our source


All of our nori is grown in the Ariake Sea where over 100 rivers feed fresh water and nutrients into the vast tidal flats creating optimal salinity for nori farming. With tides up to 6 meters, the Ariake Sea is a prime location for growing premium nori. Under water at high tide, nori absorbs the sea’s plentiful nutrients and minerals. At low tide, when the water level falls below the nets, the exposed nori receives direct sunlight and an extra boost of photosynthesis. This natural cycle gives the nori of the Ariake sea an unrivaled melt-in-the-mouth softness, rich aroma, and concentrated umami flavor.