Sanpuku Nori | Premium nori from Japan’s Ariake Sea
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Sanpuku Nori

Nori Basket

Sanpuku Nori specializes in procuring and distributing Japan’s finest nori. All of our premium nori products are made from the tender young shoots of ichibanzumi first cut nori. We use nori from the Northwest region of the Ariake Sea where the Chikugo River delivers an unrivaled supply of pure, nutrient rich freshwater from the surrounding mountains. A melt-in-the-mouth delicacy, this nori is unparalleled in flavor, texture, and freshness.

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Our Finest Products

Yaki Nori


Yaki nori is nori at its most orthodox. Fresh nori sheets are toasted, turning them rich green and fragrant. The crisp bite crackles in the mouth, releasing a faintly sweet and salty, umami packed wave of flavor.

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koumiboshi nori


Whole, intact nori thalli are cleaned, dried, and toasted. The flaky bite of koumiboshi nori showcases the full, uninterrupted fragrance and flavor of pure nori.

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nama nori


First growth nori fronds are cleaned in salted pure well water, strained, and frozen. The experience of eating creamy, umami-rich raw nori is as close as one can get to plucking nori directly off the nets at sea.

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High quality sheet nori is simmered with pure soy, mirin, sugar, and salt to make a savory paste.

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